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Organizers and sponsors

Organizing Committee

Gilles Pinay
Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France

Karel Kovar
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Bilthoven, The Netherlands
(also on behalf of International Commission on Groundwater, of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, IAHS)

Sponsoring Organizations and Institutional Supporters

The convening organizations are:

(1) Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Rennes
(2) Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France
(3) Université de Rennes 2, Rennes, France
(4) International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)

Further institutional (scientific) supporters are:

• International Commission on Groundwater (ICGW), of IAHS
(Gunnar Nützmann on Scientific Advisory Committee)

• International Commission on Surface Water (ICSW), of IAHS
(David Hannah on Scientific Advisory Committee)

Other institutional (scientific) supporters to be added in due time.

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