The 2nd summer school on "Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured media" has taken place at the CNRS center in Cargèse ( from august 16th 2010 to august 28th 2010. It was funded by the European Marie Curie network IMVUL ( and by CNRS (

The objectives of the school have been to provide an overview of fundamental processes and recent theoretical and methodological advances in flow, transport and chemical reactions in porous and fractured media. The state of the art in crucial applications, including carbon dioxyde sequestration, global water management and nuclear waste disposal, as well as present cutting-edge research in the related fields have also been presented.

The school has gathered about one hundred lecturers, organizers and participants of diverse communities such as physics, geophysics, hydrology, petroleum and nuclear engineering.

To learn more about the program of the school, click here (see also the milestones here), download the detailled schedule of the talks (pdf file, updated Aug. 16th 2010), as well as the list of poster titles.

To see who the Scientific Committee of the school has consisted of, click here.

To obtain details about the organisation in Cargèse, click here.

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             The organizing committee.

P. S.: The 1st summer school on "Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured media" had taken place in the summer of 2005. The program and all other information relevant to that first school can be found at