Conférence de Ramesh Reddy (University of Florida)


ATTENTION : changement de lieu et d'heure

ATTENTION : changement de lieu et d'heure

Le vendredi 21 avril 2017 à 16:00, amphi Moule (bât; 11, Agrocampus Ouest, route de St Brieuc), Ramesh Reddy donne une conférence intitulée "Biogeochemistry - Black Box of Wetlands: Relevance to Water Quality and Ecosystem Restoration"

Abstract :

Freshwater wetlands, coastal wetlands, benthic sediments of lakes, rivers, and streams, marine sediments, and paddy soils, all have one thing in common, that is soil or mud under water. Many biological communities use mud as their habitat to support their livelihood. These include microbial communities, invertebrates, and plant communities. Typically, mud in these ecosystems is present under water and very little or no oxygen is present in the mud to support their respiration In this presentation I will present key of roles of little players i.e., microbial communities playing large roles in regulating various ecosystem processes that may have direct link to water quality and ecosystem restoration. For example, I will provide various examples on the importance of biogeochemical processes in various ecosystems as related to water quality, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Prof. K. Ramesh Reddy
Graduate Research Professor and Chair
Soil and Water Sciences Department
University of Florida-IFAS

Ramesh Reddy: He is a Graduate Research Professor of biogeochemistry and the Chairman of the Soil and Water Sciences Department ( at the University of Florida. He conducts research in the areas of coupled biogeochemical cycling of nutrients as related to surface water quality , restoration wetlands and aquatic systems, ecological indicators, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gas emissions. Reddy has served on numerous advisory committees at state, national, and international levels to assist agencies to develop science based policy. Reddy has supervised 60 doctoral and master’s thesis committees and has served on an additional 130 graduate student committees. Publications related to Reddy’s research can be viewed at:  .           His select awards and honors include: Environmental Quality Research Award, American Society of Agronomy (2002); Soil Science Applied Research Award, Soil Science Society of America (2001); Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2002);           Fellow - Soil Science Society of America (1988); Fellow - American Society of Agronomy (1988). Lifetime Achievement Award – INTECOL – Wetlands (2012);           National Wetlands Award-Research (2016); and SWS Lifetime Achievement Award (2016).

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