Estuary habitats (mangroves, salt marsh, seagrass) : patterns, processes and predicted responses to change


03/10 : CONFERENCE OSUR DE JANINE ADAMS (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa)

Le jeudi 3 octobre 2019 à 13h, en salle de conf (Beaulieu, bât. 14B), à l'initiative d'ECOBIO, l'OSUR accueille Janine Barbara Adams pour une conférence intitulée "Estuary habitats (mangroves, salt marsh, seagrass) : patterns, processes and predicted responses to change"

Salt marshes, seagrass and mangroves in South Africa occur in the sheltered estuaries distributed along the ~3000 km coastline. There are a diversity of estuary types occurring across the cool temperate, warm temperate and subtropical coastline. Changes in these habitats will be discussed in relation to human pressures and predicted climate change responses. For example freshwater abstraction extends periods of mouth closure in temporarily closed estuaries causing inundation and flooding of salt marsh. Predicting the combined effects of multiple stressors (increase in storm surges, floods, droughts and reduced river flow) is critical to conserve these important habitats. Research and monitoring to understand responses is ongoing because range expansions are already occurring between the subtropical and warm temperate regions coastal regions.

Short bio
Janine Adams is a professor at the Nelson Mandela University (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) and Deputy Director of the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research. Her research interests are the ecology, conservation and management of estuaries including environmental flow requirements, ecological health and importance indices. Blue carbon habitats and their response to climate change is under investigation as well as water quality management. She has successfully graduated 32 MSc and 22 PhD students and published over 135 articles in rated journals. In 2015 Janine received the silver medal from the Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists for her contributions to the country. In 2013 and 2017 she received the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University researcher of the year award and in 2018 she was the Science Faculty researcher of the year. Janine is coming to Rennes for collaborating on salt-marsh functioning, especially targetting the European call RISE 2020.

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